Brow Blog & Introduction

Thought I would use my first blog just to give myself a quick introduction to me, Harriet. 

I first qualified as a lash, brow and nail technician 10 years ago whilst pregnant with my first born. I have always taken notice of people’s brows, I think because my own were so bad and my subconscious kicked in. It wasn’t til 5 years ago I woke up with this brow obsession that never left. Even my husband and kids will point out good brows to me whilst we’re out and about or on the tv. It is contagious, and I am not even sorry if you leave here with a brow obsession. Welcome to the club 👸🏻 

I overplucked mine in the 90s and they never grew back, I never gave them much attention and drawing them on everyday became part of routine. I didn’t have any beginnings to my brows and my tails were so thin! Plus with just having had my second child they were thinning out even more, along with a few others bodily changes 🥴

Feeding my brow obsession I delved deep into everything brows, with lots of research on the brow anatomy! From how they can dramatically alter your face (for example, the oval face shape takes kindly to all brow shapes but a soft arched brow, think Beyoncé, will accentuate the cheekbones and gentle jawline), all the way down to the science behind how they grow, hair stages, skin health, age etc. After reading and researching a lightbulb moment happened and I decided to get my brows back, which I thought was more than likely going to be impossible after being ignored for like 15 years! I experimented, researched some more, and I couldn’t believe it when I came up with a brow serum that is not only made from all natural ingredients but, actually works!!! My beginnings came first when I saw these little sprouts coming through that Iv never seen before. I got my family on it as my Guinea pigs and I was right. I found the one, the one with the right ingredients, the right balance and I could finally get it out there for people to use and see for themselves. 

And that is exactly what has happened. The word spread across my home town, up country and is growing organically, by word of mouth, from the real results from customers (on my Instagram, you can click the logo on the home page to direct you straight to it) and reviews.

Whilst searching to source the high quality natural ingredients I use I stumbled across another product I could make, the Browbalm. A brow gel that doesn’t contain the moisture stripping, pore clogging ingredients that high street brow gels contain. It nourishes & strengths whilst keeping them tame all day! 

With meeting some amazing brow gurus in the business I managed to bring out my own brow pencil (more products to come) and I couldn’t be more grateful. Whilst these are not 100% natural there a no harmful toxins or chemicals. They are so easy to use! Even those who are not comfortable using a pencil or feel they’re too old to start wearing makeup - this is why I bought you this pencil!! 


On this blog section I will be helping you with more brow tips, step by step of how to draw your brows, where to start with face shapes & brow shapes, how to wear your brows through the decades to most flatter, the ingredients I use and how they work and much much more. 


There is more growing to do, with your brows aswell as my little brow business! 

I would just like to add a special thank you to everyone who has purchased, I do a happy dance with every order. I have made some lovely relationships with customers which fills my heart. The support and love you can get from strangers is probably the greatest and most meaningful you could get!


If you ever need advice or have any questions please feel free to message me on Instagram where I am mainly at, or via email 


Lots of love, Harriet 🖤


I take no responsibility for any brow obsessions I may cause.