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BROWology Precision Pencil

BROWology Precision Pencil

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This double ended brow pencil is highly pigmented to give natural results using it’s fine Point. I could not of made it more easier for you to give yourself some amazing brows! Whether you’re a beginner looking to start using a brow pencil or an absolute brow pro then this is the brow pencil for you. The pointed tip is to give hair like strokes & making in filling gaps easy.
Whats great about this pencil is there is no caking, you build on the product to suit the look you want. From a more natural look, to a bold brow, it can all be done! It is long long lasting & smudge proof. Yep, it’s an all rounder that is about to make your brows dreams come true!
Lets go through colours...there are four colours.
Light brown/blonde is for fairer skin with either blonde or light brown hair.
Chestnut, this is a natural brown with red undertones so this is best for auburn or brown hair with red tones. Being a red head myself I never found a great colour match, until now!
Natural brown, because the pencil is designed to be a build able product you can still use this with having light brown hair right through to being dark brown.
Slate works best with black hair, but also those who are of an older age. It will coat and cover those light grey hairs an absolute wonder too!

Store out of natural daylight.

Ingredients Japanese wax, ozokerite, sorbitan stearate, polyethylene, hydrogenated coconut oil, EUPHORBIA CERIFERA, mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, mica, triethoxyoctylsilane, vitamin E, phenoxyethanol. products non returnable*
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