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Satin Hair Turban - Vegan

Satin Hair Turban - Vegan

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Whilst many of us typically use cotton for our hair ties, pillowcases and hair wraps, this deceivingly soft material is actually quite rough on our delicate hair and skin. The friction caused between the cotton pillowcase and our hair strands can leave us with unruly morning hair, frizz and fly-aways. Not to mention your blow out needing extra TLC each time you wake up. Similarly with hair ties. The rough nature of the material can leave you with breakage along your delicate hair line, leaving you with shorter hairs and fly-aways.

The main benefit of satin for hair all comes from the soft, silky material. This gliding material does not cause friction with your hair, allowing it to glide across the luxury material with ease and without resistance. This will reduce pesky fly-aways, frizz and breakage of your delicate strands. It is hypoallergenic, less absorbent & breathable. 

Your new bedtime best friend!

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