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Satin Pillowcase - vegan & animal cruelty free.

Satin Pillowcase - vegan & animal cruelty free.

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Elevate your beauty sleep with a satin pillow case.

Satin is great for your skin & hair ensuring for a restorative sleep. Preserve your hair line & keep wrinkles at bay by eliminating friction while you move around in your sleep so preventing wrinkles, frizzing & breakage. 

The material allows your skin to breathe and is less absorbent which promotes hydrated skin. It also reduces the risk of oil and bacteria buildup pressing against your face as you sleep. 
The fabric is highly breathable which reduce dust & bacteria build up so a great option for sleepers with asthma, allergies or acne.

Unlike silk these are 100% vegan & animal cruelty free too!

These shiny quality satin pillow cases are easy to care for too, simply turn inside out to wash!

To keep your satin pillowcase in good condition please adhere to the following

Wash at 30°c or can hand wash 

Do not spin dry

Do not use fabric conditioner / softener

Do not tumble dry

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