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The Super Serum

The Super Serum

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Super Serum
The ingredients in this super serum is the reason for its name! The basis is of my brow serum with added extras!
I’m growing brows out there so now it’s time to step up the game. This can be used on brows & lashes too! (a spoolie will be provided to brush onto brows and lashes). 

As you can see there are two editions. Vegan & keratin. Both super rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.
They’re in glass bottles so if you’re local I can take home to clean and refill then send it back out 🙌🏽

This hair serum can be used as a pre wash treatment or an over night leave in. FACT: using this serum before washing your hair will stop the damage caused when your hair goes through warm and cold phases. 

All the ingredients plus their benefits are detailed below.

Jojoba oil to soften and condition unruly hair, it also helps keep dandruff at bay providing a relief from itching.

Castor oil adds shine & moisture to your hair. It’s high in vitamin E which nourishes the scalp stimulating the hair follicles, promoting growth!

Coconut oil (very important ingredient as it’s a carrier oil) penetrates the hair shaft & scalp, taking all the ingredients with it.
It also protects from outside pollution, heat & UV rays.

Hempseed thickens hair and prevents from waterloss as well as too much water being absorbed, which causes brittle hair.

Rose to hydrate the skin and hair follicle. It also has anti inflammatory properties so will be beneficial for problems like psoriasis and eczema. & it smells divine.

Apricot oil is super rich in omega fatty acids which protect and heal the outside layer. It draws in moisture from the airs humidity and is then absorbed deep into the hair shaft.

Crystal: Moonstone, used since ancient times to help grow long healthy hair. Moonstone is also used for hormonal balance, a cause for hair loss.
Cleansed & charged under the full moon light!

The Keratin edition is all of the above, obviously with added Keratin. I have added pure collagen and keratin protein that works from the core to the outer layers of the hair to thoroughly repair dry, damaged, split ends, frizzy and over-treated hair.

The Super Serum can be used once a week or twice depending on hair condition. Once you get the results you want, you can stop or take longer breaks. As with anything, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Make sure whatever you do for your hair is done in moderation to keep your hair healthy and balanced.
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